10 of the Best Christian Movies of All Time

There are loads of great Christian movies. However, some stand out more than others. Below are the best Christian movies to date. This list is based on movie quality, Christian lessons taught, and inspirational affect.
10th Best Christian Movie of All Time: David

This version of David was made in 1997 starring Leonard Nimoy and Jonathan Pryce. The movie is longer than two hours, but well worth it. It starts off with King Saul disappointing God who has decided to let David rule in Saul's place. The entire movie is centered on David's life in the Old Testament.

9th Best Christian Movie of All Time: Late One Night

This Christian movie is only 30 minutes long, but has a powerful message. One night, three factory workers make their routine stop at the local diner to eat a late meal. A man comes in and sits at the counter. One of the workers, Larry who is an atheist, strikes up a conversation with the man. Larry finds out that he's a Christian and begins to taunt him by calling him Jesus. Larry and his gang of unbelieving friends continue to taunts the stranger as he turns the other cheek.

8th Best Christian Movie of All Time: Flywheel

Released in 2003, Flywheel is the first full-length feature film by Sherwood Pictures. This American Christian drama is about a car salesman who is a pure skunk. He overcharges his customers, ignores his son, and constantly disappoints his pregnant wife. This skunk of a used car salesman, Jay Austin, had no shame when he swindled the local pastor in paying too much for a used car. However, Jay Austin reaches a turning point and decides to become a "Real Christian." Jay's journey is inspirational and teaches the lesson of forgiveness on a whole new level.

7th Best Christian Movie of All Time: Left Behind (Tribulation Force)

Released in 2002, Left Behind: Tribulation Force shows life a few weeks after the rapture. The first Left Behind movie was good, but Tribulation Force is better because it personalized the characters more to get the audience more invested in the characters and the cause. Pastor Bruce, Buck Williams, and Ray and Chloe Steele decide to battle the Anti-Christ, Nicolae Carpathia, by spreading God's word to as many people as possible. The actors do an excellent job of showing emotion and dedication to God's work.

6th Best Christian Movie of All Time: Ten Commandments

This biblical tale is legendary in the Old Testament. Moses, played by Charlton Heston, is God's right hand man in defeating Pharaoh. After 400 years of bondage, the Jews still demonstrate weak faith and poor morals. Being made in 1956, the Ten Commandments had good special effects for its day. Ten Commandments brings the bible story to life while visually demonstrating lessons on the importance of obeying God.

5th Best Christian Movie of All Time: Passion of the Christ

Movie theaters were packed when Passion of the Christ came out in 2004. Directed by Mel Gibson the movie evoked strong emotions from viewers and mixed reviews from critics. Movie goers who hate subtitles still enjoyed this movie. However, it is profoundly sad and mind numbing to see Christ's crucifixion with your own eyes.

4th Best Christian Movie of All Time: Solomon and Sheba

Made in 1959, the movie heightens the details of the love affair between King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. The film begins with the rivalry between Solomon and his older brother Adonijah. Before David dies, he hands the reins to rule over to Solomon, surpassing Adonijah. King Solomon rules with wisdom and justice over the kingdom until the Queen of Sheba arrives for a visit. Sheba leads Solomon on the road to sin kindling God's disappointment and anger. This film stars the handsome Yul Brynner and the pretty Gina Lollobrigida.

3rd Best Christian Movie of All Time: Samson and Delilah

This version of Samson and Delilah was made a classic with the acting talent of Hedy Lamarr and Victor Mature. The film also grossed $11,000,000 at the box office, making it the top money maker in 1950.

The turning point in the movie is when Samson sees a Philistine woman he wishes to marry who happens to be Semadar (Angela Lansbury), Delilah's (Lamarr) older sister. Samson kills the Lion and the King of Philistines (the Saran) allows Samson to marry Semadar. However, the wedding feast turns ugly and Semadar dies. Samson flies into a rage and kills all the Philistines who were at the feast and burned their crops. Already hopelessly in love with Samson, Delilah blames Samson for his rejection of her and burning her family home. A few years pass before Samson who is now a wanted man and Delilah who has become the head prostitute for the Saran meet again.

2nd Best Christian Movie of All Time: Facing the Giants

Children and adults will enjoy this movie. It displays great Christian lessons that are centered on unwavering faith and dedication to God. Alex Kendrick does an excellent job of being the lead actor on this project.

Facing the Giants is about a high school football coach with a bad record. Grant Taylor is facing being fired from his job, has a car that continuously breaks down, and is the reason why his wife can't have a child. Grant turns to God for help and miracles rain down on him and his football team. Grant also inspires the whole school community to become born again Christians. This movie is absolutely inspirational.

The Number 1 Best Christian Movie of All Time: Fireproof

Fireproof is a film starring Kirk Cameron, Jason McLeod, and Erin Bethea. The movie is a Christian drama about a fireman who is struggling to save his marriage. Facing divorce, the fireman's father challenges him to a "love dare". The love dare requires the fireman, Caleb, to walk in Jesus' footsteps of forgiveness and turning the other cheek. Fireproof has inspired married couples to save their marriages instead of giving up on them. It is more than a movie- it provides a Christian based service.