Babcock University Increases School Fees

A few students from the school have sent  mails complaining about the exorbitant fees they are being made to pay to get an education. The university just released the school fees for the next session and some of the students feel its outrageous. See it below...
1) Accounting- N1.5million
2) Nursing- N1million
3) Law- N2million
4) Medicine- N3million
5) Others- N860,000
--> The students are scared to protest in their school because they could get suspended. Babcock is a Christian University and claims to be a non-profit organization, so students don't understand why they have to pay such huge amounts to school there. But here's my thing; complaining about the school fees of a private university is like complaining about the cost of a first class plane ticket. You have other options; business class, premium economy class, economy class. If this is too much for you, move to a federal school, state school or less expensive private schools. Not that I support these fees, I think it's ridiculous. You pay N3million a session to become a doctor and when you eventually get a job, you make less than N200 thousand a month...doesn't make much sense to me...but that's the way the school wants to operate. You either take it or leave it! What do you guys think?


  1. The information is mischievous and far from the truth. The University school fees is in no way near what you published. Always verify your information before you publish for the consumption of the general public. If you want to know the University authentic fees for next session kindly wait until the University releases the information. if you can't wait then i suggest you send email to or you can also visit the website to obtain the mobile line of the University.



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