Book Review : Food for Thought - 365 Christian Quotes to start your day with

Food for Thought is a collection of inspiring quotes of great Christians like Mozart, Goethe, Martin Luther King Jr and many more.
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These quotes will strengthen and motivate you as well as others around you. By reading Christian quotations on a daily basis you will keep your mind from wandering and you will strengthen your inner Christian values.
Read one quote in the morning as food for thought
Think about it during your day or use what you read in the morning as a conversation starter
This way you help spreading the Word in a pleasant way
Take advantage of the possibility to take this rich heritage of Christian wisdom with you in your pocket and tap in to it on the moment that you -or others around you- need it the most.

"God speaks in the silence of the hearth. Listening is the beginning of prayer."
- Mother Theresa

Let yourself be inspired and get this book now.

Some Reviews :

It is exactly what I wanted. An inspiring quote or devotion for each day. Starts my mornings on a high note.

Food for Thought has been pleasing in so many ways and has taught me to appreciate the writings of men and women I have admired for years. Some writers I have never heard of and others that are dear friends.The scripture quotes are also very dear to my heart and overall I would like to have this book available in my library for the future.
Thank you for having it a for purchase.
M.cole -

A very good when you are busy and need an encouraging word it is easy to read and very fulfilling to the mind.
aileen e hatton

I always enjoy reading quotes. I like the fact that this book consisted of a lot of quotes I hadn't come across before. Some were very familiar.
Often I think that we approach quotes as facts, rather than what they really are....quotes. I like to take the time to ponder a quote, to see if it really is truth, aligning with God's word or just a christian cultural perception.
Jules "Valued Daughter of the King"