Guidelines for Christian Dating

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Navigating the dating landscape is a challenge. People enter relationships sometimes having different agendas and needs. The moral lines are blurry in the world we live in. Christians who have entered the dating arena need to stay true to their values and beliefs. Establishing some guidelines for Christian dating before you get your heart strings tangled up with someone else's is a wise idea.
Who's Who
Many people claim Christianity as their religion. Ask ten different people and to each that will mean ten different things. Decide in yourself your basic Christian beliefs. What tenets of your faith will you not budge on? Some examples would be the virgin birth of Jesus or the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Perhaps as a couple you could overcome some of these denominational differences however it's no guarantee. Talk with your pastor or a parent about what your beliefs are. You have to know who you are to stay true to yourself. And your faith. Keep your heart guarded and give yourself time before you choose to fall in love.
Know What You Believe
There's a lot of pressure to be sexually active in today's world. Sometimes the world's standards and your Christian beliefs may not run parallel. You need to know your limits. It's not a good idea to wonder how far you should go if you are already sitting on the couch with the lights out. Before your first date set mental boundaries regarding what you will and won't do. If it helps write it down on paper. Write down the reason for your decision. This will help you later if you begin to question your own judgment or shift a little bit on your dating guidelines.
Be Accountable
Friends who want to hear all the juicy details of your date aren't who you should depend on to keep you on the straight and narrow. Those kinds of friends are great for encouragement and fellowship but you might find them egging you on when you need to be strong. You need a friend or mentor who you can be accountable to. Young Christians might fill this need by being part of a youth ministry or youth Bible study group. Be accountable to God too. Spend time in your daily prayers talking to him about your dating life. Ask his advice about any concerns you may have. Keep accountable by reading the Bible. It's easy to break the rules when you don't remember them. There's more to the Bible then 'do this' and 'don't do that'. Depend on the ancient text to anchor you into what's important to God.


  1. All though this is for finding a fellow sister in Christ, we are also to reach to others with the love of Christ.


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