Read about the Richest People in the Bible : Rich Men in Biblical Times : Biblical Examples of Wealth and Prosperity

Even in Biblical times, there were some very rich people. Below is a list of nine that I remember seeing mentioned.

1. Probably the first rich person mentioned in the Scriptures is Abram. Genesis 13:2 says "Abram was very rich in livestock, silver and gold."

2. Also in Genesis is a reference to another rich person in Scripture. Read Genesis 26:12-15 and see that Isaac, like his father, "became a rich man and his wealth only continued to grow. He acquired large flocks of sheep and goats, great herds of cattle and many servants." Read the rest. The Philistines were so jealous that they filled his wells with dirt and told him to move. What was the reason they wanted him to move? He had become too rich and too powerful for them.

3. Nahab was also very wealthy as we see from I Samuel 25. Although David's men had been protecting Nahab's shepherds, and it was the custom in those days for travelers to be given provisions, Nahab, with all his riches, refused to give provisions to David and his men. Guess that is why he got the reputation of being the stingy, wealthy man.

4. Now Solomon became richer and wiser than any other king on earth according to I Kings 10:23. He was also the King who asked God for wisdom. The Scriptures say that "year after year every nation came to consult him and to hear the wisdom God had given him. Year after year everyone who visited brought him gifts of silver and gold, clothing, weapons, spices, horses and mules."

5. Jehoshaphat was a king in Judah. He was a good king who did not worship the images of Baal and obeyed the commands of the Lord. The Lord blessed him and all the people loved and respected him so much that they brought him gifts. They gave him so much, in fact, that he became very rich. This is chronicled in II Chronicles 17:3-5.

6. Look at II Chronicles 32:27-29. That Scripture is about Hezekiah, who was so rich he had to build special treasury buildings for all his silver, gold, precious stones and spices, his shields and other valuable items. He even built more buildings to hold all his grain, wine, olive oil, cattle, sheep and goats. Now that is rich!

7. If you are familiar with the Book of Esther, you may remember King Xerxes. He is also known by Ahasuerus. He threw a banquet that lasted 180 days. Yes, it lasted six months. Obviously he had some riches of which he could dispose. You find his story in Esther 1.

8. Job is a man who is rich when we first meet him in Job 1. He quickly loses it all but not because of anything he did. By Chapter 42, we see the Lord restores Job's fortune and gives him twice as much as before. Read the whole book to get the full story on Job and his wealth.

9. Last, we look at a New Testament man by the name of Zacchaeus. He was a tax collector by trade and not very popular with the people. It was well known that the tax collectors gouged the people but all those taxes put Zacchaeus on our list of the top nine rich people in Scripture. The Zacchaeus account is in Luke 19 so you can read it yourself.

There is an account in Matthew where Jesus speaks with a "rich," young ruler. Jesus tells him to go and sell all his possessions and give the money to the poor and that he would have treasures in heaven. He goes away troubled. Jesus then says "I tell you the truth, it is very hard for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

Read the full accounts of the rich people listed above. Some of them had trouble because of the wealth they acquired. Some did not. The Bible does not say that money is the root of all evil but the LOVE of money is. These Scriptures make for some interesting reading about how each rich man reacted to his wealth