Christian Engagement Advice and Tips Random Advice for Christians Getting Married

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Did you just get engaged? Congratulations! You've announced the big news, showed off your engagement ring, browsed wedding dresses and set the big date. You're getting married! Here are a few tips for Christians getting married. Of course these tips are great for all engaged couples - whether Christians or not.

Christian Engagement Advice #1: Get premarital counseling.
Many Christian couples obtain premarital counseling before getting hitched. You can find premarital counseling for free or low-cost through churches and some Christian universities. Many professional Christian counselors would be happy do premarital Christian counseling as well. In premarital counseling you'll discuss many issues such as communication, sex, money, dealing with in-laws and much more. Premarital counseling is definitely a wise investment for engaged couples. 

Christian Engagement Advice #2: Take a Financial Peace University course.

Another excellent idea for engaged couples is to attend a Financial Peace University course. Usually offered through local churches, it will help you to use your money wisely and get out of debt. Visit and click on "classes" to find a class near you. Attending a money management course as an engaged couple will help you work well as a team. If you are in serious debt, you might also read "How to Get Out of Debt: Tips for Credit Card Debt Relief."

Christian Engagement Advice #3: Read Books for Christian Couples.

It doesn't hurt to be well educated on the issues of marriage, and learn from the advice and experiences of others. Many reputable professional counselors and marriage experts have published outstanding books. For some book recommendations for Christian couples read "Christian Engagement Advice: 5 of the Best Christian Books for Engaged Couples." 

Christian Engagement Advice #4: Read Books About Sex

Yes, that's right, you should read books about sex for Christians. Sex is just as important as other issues of marriage. For some recommendations, read "Best Christian Sex Books: Sex Tips for Christians." 

Christian Engagement Advice #5: Get Life Insurance.

Now is the time to obtain life insurance. It can take several weeks (or even months) for the insurance to be set up, so its a great idea to apply now. The is especially important if your spouse has alot of debt, as it is possible that a surviving spouse could be responsible to pay off the debt. You should also definitely obtain life insurance before buying a home. And, yes, birth control can fail and you never know if you could get pregnant and then a tragedy could happen. Read "Reasons to Get Life Insurance: Why You Should Buy Life Insurance Now" for some more insight on this issue. 

Congratulations on your engagement! Best wishes as you prepare for one of the most important days of your life!