Improve Your Christian Life by Finding an Accountability Partner

Improve Your Christian Life by Finding an
Accountability Partner
Emily Harmon
Thu October 11th, 2007
Numerous research studies across all walks of life have shown that
having a partner, someone to hold you accountable, will help you to
succeed with
whatever task you are trying to accomplish.
Whether you're dieting or quitting smoking, having
someone specific to be your accountability partner will increase your
chances of success considerably.
If you are a Christian, an accountability partner can make a huge
difference in your relationship with
Jesus Christ. Accountability partners can be extremely helpful in any
Christian's life. Here are the all-important qualities needed for a
accountability partner relationship.
Trust. An accountability partner relationship can
only work if you trust each other completely. If you choose someone
that you are not comfortable
telling information about your life to, you will never get the full
benefits of what having an accountability partner is all about.
Honesty. The person you choose as your
accountability partner has to be completely honest. And as we all
know, sometimes the truth is painful.
Your accountability partner needs to be truthful with you in all
situations and help you to see issues
from all sides.
Confidentiality. Along with trust, confidentiality is vital to any
accountability partner relationship. Both
partners must agree to keep all information
discussed during accountability partner meetings
completely to themselves, without exception.
Acceptance. Accountability partners, although still
truthful at all times, must also be accepting. If you reveal to your
accountability partner that you have fallen into a particular sin and
that person immediately rejects you, obviously the relationship is
flawed. Accountability partners are there to help,
listen, and possibly offer advice, but never to judge.
Equality. The final important quality of a good accountability partner
relationship is equality. What
I mean by this is that if you want an accountability
partner relationship to succeed you must have
equal beliefs when it comes to your lives as
Christians. For instance, if one of you values
attending church very regularly, while another does
not think attending church is necessary in a
Christian's life, then you'll have trouble maintaining a good
accountability partner relationship.
While finding an accountability partner that can adhere to the all of
above qualities is very difficult, the benefits of finding that person
are certainly worth taking the time to look for. A great
accountability partner relationship is a true gift from God and can
help many Christians to live their
lives to the full extent that God intended.

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