The Life of Mother Theresa

 To see this tiny, frail woman one could hardly imagine the enormity of her work or the respect that she received wherever she went. During her lifetime Mother Theresa founded a religious order of women who took as their mission serving what Mother Theresa called the "the poorest of the poor". Mother Theresa often admitted that her greatest joy was to be with someone who otherwise would be alone in their final suffering and death. She was a person filled with love and compassion especially for the least among the people of India.

For her work Mother Theresa was recognized and honored around the world many times over. Her passing was considered an international loss, but her example of Christian living continues. As with many great personalities the words of Mother Theresa live on. In quiet words and simple sentences Mother Theresa tries gently to share her ministry to the poor with us all. Among her most remembered words are: " We can do no great things only small things with great love." In this great Christian quote, Mother Theresa reminds us of our humanity but also of our call to greatness. As humans we are limited to the accomplishment of small things, but it is the degree of love that we attach to our efforts that can define them as truly worthwhile . Working at small things with great love is working in the spirit of Christ.