Read Story about a motivational Relentless Christian rapper who's not going to let Nothing Stop Him from praising God

Daniel Evans is a positive Christian/ positive Rapper, own style ,but grew up listening to TBone. D. c. Talk & Mc. Hammer.likes Lecrae and Trip Lee.
He is a motivational Relentless Christian rapper who's not going to let Nothing Stop Him from praising God. 
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I've been writing Christian rap since I was 10, but there was a time I wasn't going to rap anymore. There was a time I got of church for a while ,and went through depression, and even got to the point I got so depressed I went through a few suicide attempts, so then I had to go in the hospital a few years ago, and they asked me what's your goals ,and I was so depressed I said I did not have any , even though I wanted to rap since I was 10, but I grew up spreading the wording and praying. so my family and friends started praying for me ,and I started back, praying Reading ,and confessing the word ,and little by little came out of the depression ,and God bless me to able to get another job ,keep it ,get honored on it ,and to be able to get back in the studio, and record ,and do some Gospel rap performances. He also bless me to be aired by several internet Radio Stations ,and do 4 radio interviews. one on latalk Radio on the Radio show Fellowship with Carmelo Angel. One with bauceman Radio in Chicago. the 3rd with Pastor Larry James of KAZ Radio in Ohio, and the 4th one with Artist First Radio in Ohio. My goal is to touch ,and draw many people to God as I can through my Music and my lifestyle of being a witness. Also I want people to know if you are so depressed and feel there's no hope. I want to let you know there is Hope ,and don't be dumb like I was and try to commit suicide. I had to just realize ,and you should realize that we shouldn't worry about what people say or think about you ,we are made in God's image ,and that's all that matters ,and since realizing that it's been close to 6 years since my last and final suicide attempt ,and right now I'm looking forward to just working hard for The Lord ,and making music for Him ,and witnessing for him. Just letting His will be done in my life, and that's why this is My Ministry on the Mic.

Daniel Evans