The Wonders of Moringa Olifera

 Moringa is a  Miracle tree 
that mankind has used for medicinal purposes for over thousands of years and it is acclaimed to cure over 
300 known diseases, From the seeds, the pods, the bark, roots and leaves,  the moringa tree is the most generous giver of life  enhancing nutrients.It is a medicinal plant from the roots, pods, fruits, flowers, leaves, and even to the bark of the tree. It is used to treat diabetes, hypertension, stress, and so many other health problems. Its seed is also used in water treatment. Dropped in water, the seeds take care of impurities in the water. It’s called Tree of life because it touches life in many ways. It nourishes the body and is highly nutritious.

Moringa has over 92 verified nutrients. Moringa leaves are also loaded with essential 
vitamins and minerals,especially vitamins A and C. Delivering such a power punch of bio available 
nutrition, Moringa leaves are capable of preventing malnutrition and a host of other nutritionally related 
diseases such as beri beri and rickets.

Moringa leaves have the potential to deliver the nutrition needed to prevent and cure diseases.

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