How To Attract A Man Emotionally And Not Get Stopped By Haters

Some women think that their other women friends seem to get noticed by more men. She thinks that this must mean they are more attractive and beautiful. It may mean they are more attractive, but did you know attractiveness can be controlled?

In order to be really beautiful, a feminine woman needs to have gorgeous, healthy looking hair and skin. After all, most of your beauty really comes down to being young.The good news is there is a lot we can do easily and naturally to preventing skin aging and wrinkles. And what men truly like is femininity that is blossoming. Nobody wants a withered flower, right?

Men react to women when she smiles. Men look at her hair, her face, her body, legs, men look all around a woman. In the spur of the moment a man might ask a woman out or begin talking to her if he finds her irresistibly attractive. Being beautiful does have its benefits. Everywhere you go, you'll catch the attention of men, and it's not uncommon to catch a married man turning his head towards you too! Being beautiful also has it's negatives. Other women might get a little jealous if she senses their man wanting to flirt with you.

Now, as you and I know, the media is constantly feeding us with images of what is "considered" to be beautiful women. And it's important to keep up with it in a safe and healthy balanced way. Don't go to either extremes of getting outrageous amounts of plastic surgery or giving up the make up forever. Afterall, women who go around the town looking like a bum, tired and droopy aren't attractive in a man's mind. But a smart woman will be able to understand that sometimes not looking her best is unavoidable, and she will know that and accept herself in advance for that rainy day. Men don't have that much attention to give to women they think have no potential. And if you want him to give you attention, you need to behave in a way that positively reinforces that you are a high quality woman and he will give you attention.

The catch to successful dating is you must relax, start from where you are and be yourself. Not the one that you think you should be or pretend to be. Be a more mature woman and stop doing things just so others will think you fit in with the crowd. It shows when what we feel in our heart shows up in our physical expressions and tone of our voice. This is especially true when we are being ourselves and not trying to pretend.

Think of it as energy that you are projecting. What you put out, others will see. If you believe everyone is against you and out to mess with you, you'll see the world differently and get a whole different energy back than if you believe that there is plenty of love and excitement in life! It's our own responsibility to train others to value us. We are not little babies wearing a diaper anymore, we are responsible adults. Try it and you will notice the emotional health benefits pretty soon.

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