Drop shipping Business Guide

E-commerce is easier than you think. Get this e-book that will teach you how to start a Shopify store, import products from AliExpress and advertise targeted audience on Facebook. All this can be done in 1 day and can cost you as little as $5/day for advertising and $29/month for your store (after 14 day free trial). The guide will also teach you how to find a winning product that sells and your audience desires. This guide will work for any niche that is allowed by Shopify and Facebook.

Advantages of this method:
You can start with extremely low investment
You will own no product
You will never even have to touch the product which will be shipped on your behalf to customers anywhere in the world
How much will it cost to run my online store?
Your Shopify store will cost $29/month but you will have 14 days of free trial to test it out. You should be able to pay for your 1st month after the 14 days. Additionally, you will spend money advertising on Facebook, but you should not spend more than $5/day until you find a winning product.
How does dropshipping work?
Here are the steps: 1) You find a product and list it on your website (Guide will teach you every step) 2) You advertise product to hungry audience - again I will teach you how to find the audience 3) Someone buys your product 4) You purchase the product from your source and they ship it.

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